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What does ClubHombre have to offer for the Philippines sex, Manila, and Angeles City hobbying traveler?

ClubHombre has all your Philippines Sex, Manila Sex, Angeles City Sex, Escort, Massage Parlor, Nightlife, Brothel, Escort, Go-Go and Hobbying Information.

ClubHombre currently features 57489 photos and 9670 Philippines photos.

pic1South East Asia is a haven for travel and sex with beautiful, exotic women. The Philippines, a chain of islands located in the South Pacific, is a wonderfully inexpensive place to travel, especially for the budget conscious sex travelers and tourists. ClubHombre has guides, trip reports, photos, discussions, reviews and more for Manila, Angeles City, Subic Bay, Cebu and more...

The Philippines is widely regarded as providing high satisfaction of sexual session quality at cheap, affordable rates. Filipinas are known for treating their dates like a boyfriend the entire time they are with you. The biggest problem you might face is persuading your lover to leave the next morning or afternoon when you want to find another woman.

pic3The scene is Manila is quite developed with options for all types of travelers. Nightclubs, go-gos, and bars abound where you pay a fee to the establishment (also called a barfine) to take the lady back to your hotel. You also need to pay the lady an additional amount for her services for the evening. One of the places in Manila that ClubHombre has lots of information about is the EDSA Entertainment Complex in Pasay City. This is a building that features several bars where you can find women to take back to your hotel for the evening. Some of these bars are Boardroom, Casino, Cotton Club, Firehouse, Bullets & Arrows, Pit Stop, Samba Bar and Space Girls. A higher end area in Manila is Makati with a large number of establishments near P. Burgos Street. Prices are more expensive, but the attractiveness of ladies in Makati are significantly higher than in Pasay City with women you might imagine walking down model runways or gracing the cover of a men's magazine. ClubHombre has information on Makati establishments such as Bar Bandido, Billboard, Blush, Bottoms, Cafe Mogambo(now closed), Cuddles, Dimples, Filling Station, Flamingo Bar, Foxy's (renamed), Go Go Bananas (renamed), Hollywood, Ivory, Jools, Mascara, Matrix, Montana, Papillon Club, Pussycats, Rascals, Rogues Bar, Shampoo Bar, Stardust, Tickles and Wild West. ClubHombre also covers Ermita, Quezon City and other areas in and around Manila with reviews on places like Amazonia, Butterfly Bar, G-Point, and Manila Bay Club (formerly known as LA Cafe). Finally, ClubHombre has information and reviews of where to stay in Manila and what the preferred choice of hotels for our members are. The hotels we cover include Bayview Park Hotel, Century Citadel Inn, City Garden Hotel, Copacabana Apartment, Heritage Hotel, Las Palmas Hotel, Lotus Garden, Makati Palace, Pan Pacific, Regine's, Oxford Suites, Shangri-La, Sogo and the Royal Bellagio.

pic2Travelers that are more price-concious or simply prefer a more relaxed pace often travel to Angeles City. The bars along Fields Avenue and A Santos Street will leave a lasting impression. The sheer volume of sex workers is staggering. Angeles City is the most popular and infamous travel and sex destination in the Philippines, and for good reason. The main difference between Angeles City and Manila is that one price pays for everything. Once the barfine is paid, the lady is yours for the night, sex and everything included. Barfines can be as little as 1000 pesos or $18 USD! You can tip the lady if she provides good service, but it is not required. Your date will usually stay with you all night long and sleep in late. Sex in the morning and afternoon are also usually included. If you really want to pinch pennies you could head over to Blow Row or A Santos Street. These areas offer blowjobs for as little as 200-300 pesos or a BJ/sex combo for 400-500 pesos. There are far too many bars in Angeles City to list them all, but some that we feature information on are Alaska Club, Angelwitch Bar, Bedrock, Blue Nile, Brown Sugar, Bunny Ranch, Cambodia, Champagne, Club Asia, Camelot, Lancelot, Rio, Dirty Duck, Dollhouse, Dragon's Den, Emotions, Fantasy Club, Gecko's, Genesis Club, Golden Nile, Heart Breaker, Honeyko's, Insomnia, La Bamba, La Pasha, Las Vegas, Lollipop, Lost in Asia, Mrs Robinsons, Nifty's, One-Eyed Wench, Owl's Nest, Pony Tails, Rhapsody Bar, Road House, Shadows II, Stampede, Thi-Hi, Treasure Island, Typhoon, Valhalla and Voodoo. ClubHombre also has hotel reviews of Angeles Beach Club (ABC), Apartelle Royal, Central Park, Clarkton Hotel, Field Plaza Suites, Kokomo's, Lewis Grand, Natalia Appartelle, Orchid Inn, Pacific Breeze, Savannah Suites, Sunset Garden, Swagman and Wild Orchid. memberships offer a number of benefits. You can leverage the knowledge of our existing user base to make your trip easier, safer, and less expensive. Many of our members are more than willing to answer your questions and provide guidance. We have a TripBuddies section where you can coordinate with other members traveling to the Philippines and you can post and view dates on our interactive Calendar. We provide tips on how to stay safe and avoid costly rip-offs, saving you both time and money! We can even provide tips on how to save money on airfare. English is spoken widely as a second language in the Philippines so there is almost no barrier for you to make a trip there!

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